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Course Structure

AIDA II Level 1 Freediving

2.5-3 DAYS | ~8AM-5PM

Classroom Topics



Breathing Cycle

Basic Physiology





Pool Sessions


Pool Statics

Pool Static Safety & Rescue

Pool Dynamics

Pool Dynamic Safety & Rescue


Open Water Sessions

Open Water FIM​

Open Water CWT

Open Water Safety & Rescues

AIDA II Group Course Cost $450

Private & Semi-Private Options Available for Additional Cost 

WHY SpitSea?

Christina Sours, head instructor at SpitSea, has built her freediving school with the goal of making freediving a fun, safe and non-intimidating environment. Her courses prioritize a personal experience--capping every group course at 4 students per instructor and focusing on individual attention. Everyone learns at their own pace! A level 1 course focuses on a mastery of the science behind freediving and paced repetitions to learn all the skills for certification and happy dives! An enjoyable and full course experience will ensure students return to the water excited to get out and adventure!


AIDA is the only non-profit freediving organization of all the certification agencies, which means it’s run by its freedivers and instructors as a collection of standards and research vs. a business. Its interests are in its members! AIDA also puts on international competitions and certifies world records, which means they are the keepers of all things safety and really care about the sport. You’ll find the AIDA curriculum is the basis for a lot of other certification programs and runs along similar standards as PFI, FII, SII, Molchanovs, Apnea International and PADI.


Let me know if you are interested in a course or just want more info!


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