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LA Freediving Courses

AIDA II Level 1

In this course you will learn how to hold your breath for 2 minutes, dive down between 12-20 meters and buddy safely! This course is going to give you the technique to relax underwater and get a sense of your own body at depth for greater dive times, depths and most crucially, enjoyment of your dives out there! Come have fun out in the Vertical Green in beautiful Redondo Beach. 


Christina teaches both group and private courses. Below are the latest group dates.

Jan 12-14

Feb 9-11

March 1-3

Please inquire for weekday or private courses.



Christina is a California cold water native and AIDA Instructor certified by Julien Borde from Pranamaya Diving. Growing up on stories of the underwater world from her mom, she begged her family to get her scuba certified when she was 14, which invigorated her excitement for ocean adventures. It wasn't until over a decade later that her busy-body, competitive brain felt true relaxation free falling for the first time freediving to 25 meters in Baja, Mexico. After that her friends and family couldn’t shut her up about freediving.


Her alter-egos and professional history include being a wedding photographer and VFX Producer. She's since assisted courses for a variety of instructors from Mexico to Sydney before starting her school in LA teaching this sport to other ocean lovers as well as competing at the national and international level.


She placed first overall for women at California's Vertical Green 2022 and the Azul Freediving Challenge Spring 2023.  In 2023 she competed for Team USA at the CMAS World Championships in Roatan, hoping to inspire and grow the freediving community in the US and have a kick-ass time doing it! She ended up taking 2nd place overall at the Caribbean Up and got 4 white cards at the World Championships!

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